Alinco DJ-X3

With the Alinco DJ-X3 one can tune in to pilots, emergency services, ham radio operators and short wave foreign broadcasts. Additionaly music lovers can enjoy stereo FM transmissions. This scanner is also useful for finding hidden transmitters in bugged rooms, and can decode inversion scrambled signals.

The Alinco DJ-X3 has frequency coverage of 0.1 to 1300 MHz, and WFM, WFM/stereo, NFM and AM modes. It has 700 memory channels (10 banks with 70 channels each) 20 pairs of programmed-scan memory channels, 8 priority channels and 100 search-pass memory channels that skips scan even in VFO/Programmed-scan mode.

Other features include:
VFO, Programmed, Preset, and Memory scan modes with memory-skip capability – Scans 20steps p/s in VFO mode, 10 channels p/s in memory mode. – 11 different steps plus an automatic-step mode – Palm-fitting, lightweight, easy-to-carry compact body – An SMA rubber-ducky, earphone (optional) and internal ferrite-bar antennas (AM/SW) improve reception capability and operational flexibility. – Super-sensitive Triple Conversion circuit.


  • 3AA dry cell battery case
  • Carrying strap

Programming Software for Alinco DJ-X3

If you already own an Alinco DJ-X3 scanner you may be interested in downloading official Alinco software. Please be advised that in order to do so you will need Alinco’s optional ERW-4C computer cable, such that you can connect your scanner to your PC. Other connection cables may not be suitable.

The available software allows frequencies to be programmed and parameters to be set in any version of the Alinco DJ-X3. It should be noted that modifications cannot be made to the 800MHz cellular band. Additionaly the inversion scrambler decoder is blocked in the ‘T’ model due to U.S. legal requirements.

Alinco have tested this software in Windows 95/98/NT, however they accept no responsibilty for any problems the download may cause to your computer or scanner. In other words you download and use the software at your own risk.